A New Beginning…Is there such a thing?


It’s Monday…Great!

Returning to the rat-race on this first day of the work week can bring feelings of weariness as we begin the 40-50 hour countdown to weekend wonder.  We cherish memorable moments from the weekend, or just the thought of not having a hard and fast schedule for 48 glorious hours (at least that’s my view).

But I think of each Monday as a fresh start. A New Beginning.

Something that I love to do on a weekend is bowl. I view Mondays as yet another opportunity to set up goals like pins at a bowling alley, and roll the ball down the lane to knock them down. Sometimes, it takes one roll, and a strike knocks all the pins down. Other times, it takes a spare to knock all the pins down.  And sometimes, we leave some pins on the lane, despite our best efforts. So does that mean we should not try our best the next time we get to bowl? Or, should we aim for the strike each time?

We must aim for the strike every time…even if we feel like it won’t happen.  That was the inspiration behind my choice of clothing today. I wanted to feel like I was ready to bowl the strike.

So I chose the suit that fits me best, and paired it with my favorite pair of wingtips, and colorful socks to add personality and life to an otherwise mundane look. I felt great, and now I could pour some of the positive energy into my work, and into the environment in which I work.

So, a new beginning… Is there such a thing?


Be blessed,





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