Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged…



Today, I decided to write a blog about how we shouldn’t judge anyone, or anything…because everyone and everything has a place, and a purpose…it’s up to each of us to find what THAT is!

Getting dressed today, I decided to take this Handkerchief with a Quadroline Black & White Window-Pane pattern, pair it with a Dark & Light Blue Mini-Nailshead patterned Cotton Jacket. I then grabbed a pair of Charcoal Thin Wool Pants with a Thin Blue Overlay Window-Pane pattern. Threw in a Dress Shirt with a White, Gray, & Blue Mini Plaid pattern, chose a Dark Gray, Blue, Black & White Combination Slanted Plaid Silk Tie, and Black & White Houndstooth patterned socks. Finished the look off with Black Chelsea Boots. So many different patterns, textures, fabrics!

“So what” you ask? “Why are you sharing all these details?” “ Who cares…” right?

I went into great detail, because it shows that each thing was distinct, had its’ own purpose and style, and they all satisfy different needs…BUT collaboratively make up a great look (at least in my opinion).

Being human, we sometimes feel like our place is lost in the world. At times we get off track with our goals, and we can lose sight of our purpose. BUT, if we seek the Kingdom of God in all things, not only will he begin to give us the desires of our hearts, he will give us the determination, will, drive, and understanding to set, pursue, and achieve our goals, and live in his intended purpose for our lives.

GOD can use you! Yes…YOU! If you don’t feel worthy, you are correct…we will never be worthy! But we can all operate in our individual purpose, so that our collaboration of service makes a great body of work for GOD to use for HIS glory!

So even if you are a $2 handkerchief from Target, a $20 Jacket from Kohl’s, an $8 dress shirt or a $12 tie from Burlington, a $19 pair of pants from TJ Maxx, a pair of $2 socks, or a pair of $30 boots from K&G Men’s Warehouse, once you bring it all together, and receive the blessings of GOD, your worth will exceed your value, and MAGNIFY HIM!!! Be Blessed Everyone!

P.S. The entire outfit cost less than $100. #BlessedOnABudget



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