It’s Okay…Carry the Weight of the World on Your Shoulders!


IMG_20160202_151927In recent months, I have been posting pictures of my work attire on my personal social media accounts… not for validation, recognition, accolades, etc., but for Me.

I enjoy the process of getting dressed in the morning, and preparing myself for work. It is my goal to present myself in the best way possible to the daily world which I encounter.

In my line of work, I am in constant contact with clients (many of whom are millionaires), so professional presentation is key if I plan to be successful. I cannot exude confidence if I feel self-conscious, unsure, and uncomfortable… So I take the time, prepare myself for the day, and to date, it has seemed to work in my favor.

It reminds me of how we prepare ourselves for things in life. If we feel prepared, we will have a much better outlook on whatever tasks come our way…

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